How Technology is Revolutionizing the Business Community

Technology has changed everything around us. The fingers that were used to write letters are now busy typing emails and messages. The phones that were invented to communicate are a place for your favorite apps. In short everything around us has changed. Technology has become an integral part of our life, and we cannot ignore its presence. Now technology has become a fundamental requirement of human life and business as well. In countries like Japan, Robots are replacing manpower. Though, this process is slow as of now but is gradually has made its way into every country. Artificial intelligence has entered the business communities, motivating them to adopt advanced technologies that are beyond imagination.

Since the dawn of technology, businesses are becoming more dependent on it, and with time, this dependency is increasing. Technology has a substantial impact on every department of a company and its work culture. Most of the business houses think how they can use the technology to make sales, marketing, HR and accounts more efficient and better. Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence in Business has helped them improve the efficiency of all its departments, are you left behind?

We all are very much aware of the changes that technology has brought to the business. But here we will look at a broader picture and find out how technology is revolutionizing the business community.

Role of Technology in Business Community

AI is still the future, however the business community has picked up this technology to improve its different functions. Artificial intelligence has been a fantasy for us, and we love the terminator and other robots with AI in movies. Now we have SIRI, though, she is not as visible as the terminators were in film, but it is one of the most used AI in today’s time. If we evaluate the role of AI in and other advanced technology in business then we will find that many companies have already implemented it and found them suitable for their business. Today’s business strategy is to get more by doing less, and AI is the best fit for it. So let’s dig a bit more to know about the role of Artificial intelligence in business.

Role Of Artificial intelligence in Business

AI and Help Desk

AI And HR Department

AI can be used to provide answers to the queries of newly recruited employees, or the leave management work can be given to AI. This technology is not only for employees only, but it can help the HR executives too. Like in recruitment, a chatbot can do the preliminary analysis of a candidate by asking them basic questions.

The other benefit business community can get from AI in the HR department is by making the on-boarding process AI-based. The first three months are crucial for employees in a new company. In this case, AI can guide them by answering their query related to the job profile, salary and other general questions.

AI Optimizing Business Decisions

AI In Finance

The Bottom Line

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